Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My trip to Auburn to get my sewing machines cleaned became much more interesting when I realized how close I was to Monkitree in Gardner. So glad I took a short detour on the way home. (Well, I took a short detour on the way to the sewing center as well, but that's another story).

It was great meeting Clare and Bo (the dog) and seeing the beautiful gallery space. While I loved the photography currently being featured by photographers Kevin Brusie (Portland, Maine), Carol Dronsfield (New York, New York) and Dave Engledow (Washington, D.C.), I was most drawn to the macrame jewelry (which reminded me of my grandmother), carved bamboo earrings (so intricately done), and locally crafted greeting cards. Definitely a fun place to visit!


Oh, and if you need your sewing machine cleaned (especially your Berninas) or sewing and quilting supplies, I highly recommend Cote Brothers and the Creative Sewing Center. I felt very well taken care of there.

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