Monday, July 26, 2010

Black Dinah

If you haven't tasted Black Dinah's chocolates, you are definitely missing out. Not only are the chocolates decorated like little pieces of art, they set off a happy dance in your mouth when you taste them.

Though there isn't a bad one in the bunch, these are a few of my favorites: 0-20 Degrees Latitude (a dark and milk chocolate truffle center, infused with locally roasted organic coffee beans, in gold-flecked Venezuelan bittersweet chocolate), Varietal (chocolate made from estate-grown organic and rare Peruvian cacao makes up this rich truffle center, which is enrobed in bittersweet chocolate), and Earl Grey (a dark chocolate truffle center infused with Earl Grey tea, in 45% Venezuelan milk chocolate).

Oh, and then there's always the Black Dinah cafe where you can get cinnamon buns, blueberry cream cheese scones, or raspberry, blueberry, peach coffeecake (or other tasty delights) fresh from the oven.

Really, if you love chocolate and you're not allergic to nuts or dairy, I'm sure you'll find a Black Dinah chocolate that makes your mouth go "WOW!!!"


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