Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baxter State Park

A friend recently spent time at Baxter State Park. I thought I'd share some of the spectacular views from the hike. Enjoy!--J

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival

I visited the Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival for the first time last weekend in Grand Lake Stream, Maine. So many sights and sounds: craft booths, demonstrations, food, music. Had a great time talking to artisans. Here are some highlights.

Fly Tying - Jim Merlihan, Darlington, MD. (Seeing this reminded me of fly fishing with my dad).

Hand Spinning - Karen Cornell of CrowsRise Farm, Anson, ME.

Traditional Wooden Snowshoes - Robert Howe of Maine Guide Snowshoes, Bingham, ME.

Handmade Instruments - Thomas Knowles of Dragonfly Instruments, Lee, ME.

I'd highly recommend marking your calendars for a visit to Downeast Maine in time for the Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival next year!--Janyce