Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Madder Root was born out of a passion for fabric, art, lively conversation, cups of tea and walks with the dog. We see creating and doing business in Maine as more than just a job. At Madder Root it's a lifestyle. We are inspired by our state's ocean, forest and mountain vistas and we strive to protect the environment around us with every business choice we make. From our material to our packaging we work hard to find environmentally friendly supplies without sacrificing quality.

The "We" behind Madder Root is Janyce and Christina.

Janyce likes:

1. Finding faces in driftwood
2. Autumn leaves
3. Breakfast
4. Reading poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay
5. Playing scrabble for fun not points
6. Kate Rusby
7. The sight and sounds of babbling brooks
8. Big warm sweaters
9. Reading "The Hobbit"
10. Laughing with friends (especially Christina)

Christina likes:

1. To bake her own bread
2. To drink strong, bitter black tea
3. Gardening
4. Running in the rain
5. Saving seeds
6. Going to thrift stores
7. Trying new recipes
8. Sleeping under the stars
9. Making Jan laugh
10. Drinking beer and listening to good music