Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baking outside

Lately it has been hot and humid here in Maine and it has put a serious damper on any baking being done around Madder root. Jan and I both love to make bread and the occasional gooey treat for work. But with all this heat neither one of us wants to make our houses even hotter. Andy and I have been looking into making an outdoor oven and that led me to stumble upon a great new blog. Breadhunter's blog is written by a fellow Mainer and I'm even more inspired to get an outdoor oven going after looking at his blog. He'll also be teaching a workshop on outdoor ovens at the kneading conference that is coming up the end of this month. Although I won't be able to attend I am hoping to go to the free bread fair that follows up the conference on Saturday July 31st. And hopefully I start working on an outdoor oven soon.

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