Monday, June 3, 2013


Ok, lame title, but you have to admit, these are pretty awesome looking eggs.


Got them at the Orono Farmers' Market on Saturday, along with some New Ace pepper plants (mine didn't survive the cold frame experiment), some frozen chicken pot pies (for company) and some goat cheese that I added to some pasta and fresh veggies for lunch.

More eggs

I was going to talk more about the Maine Women's Fund luncheon, but I'm still kicking around some ideas from the other women who spoke. I want to give it the attention it deserves.

Instead, I want to mention that we've partnered with Aube of the home cooking video blog "Kitchen Vignettes" for a June (2013) giveaway. To be eligible for a Farmers Market set of 4 produce bags, you'll need to check out her blog and either leave a comment saying why you'd like to win the giveaway or go to her facebook page and share the giveaway photo on your page. The full details are listed on her blog. You'll get really cool recipes and cooking tips as well, so definitely check it out!

Farmers Market Collection Set of 4 Produce Bags

We also had a chance to talk with Louis Bassano and Jim McConnon at the Penobscot County Cooperative Extension. Very helpful in answering some questions on the business side of things. Busy week!

Other than that, we're getting ready for Vintage Bazaar at Pettingill Farm the end of the month (June 22-23), and sending out wholesale orders. Last week, we sent another bundle of tea towels, napkins, and produce bags to Conklin's Maine Mercantile in Belfast, ME.

As always, you can find us at our facebook page or Etsy shop.

Hope your week's a good one!

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