Sunday, October 24, 2010

Making a Hat

I lost my favorite hat on a trip to PA last year. So, as the air turns chilly and cold in Maine, I decided to knit a hat.

I bought this Pagosa hat pattern from a very friendly seller Holly from Silly Little Lady. She emailed me the pattern quickly and was available to answer my questions. Even as a beginning knitter, I found the instructions well laid out and easy to follow.

Then I found this beautiful yarn from Jennifer at Just For Ewe. I felt well cared for by this Etsy seller and love the feel of Miss Dottie's wool. I'm reminded at how "alive" natural fibers really are--definitely a delight to work with and wear.

After a little fumbling around as I got used to using double point needles and circular needles, I was on my way. The pattern has the option of adding a visor. I decided I like this one the way it is. Here are some views:

I pretty much wear this hat all the time now! It's my new favorite!



  1. Dear, Janyce
    Oh how beautiful your hat is.... what a fabulous job. My heart is smiling....and Miss Dotties too. I am so pleased that you are enjoying Miss Dotties fantastic fiber. Enjoy and Thank you so kindly.
    Sincerely, Jennifer at jstforewe

  2. What a great hat! I have never been one to sew or knit so I am especially impressed!