Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My wedding is when? What do you mean this Saturday!

The realization that I'm getting married this weekend has finally come. When Andy and I first started planning the wedding we decided to rent a summer camp on a lake for a long weekend. We thought the idea of having people around longer would make the wedding seem less rushed. That's right I made my wedding into a three day affair. It sounded better on paper. But now faced with the logistics of feeding/housing/entertaining people for three days the task seems a little daunting. We also decided that we wanted to make the wedding as eco-friendly and local as possible. So I've been tracking down local pigs for pulled pork, chocolates from Black Dinah, lobsters, and canning jams for breakfast. I also bought some beautiful local soap and had Autumn Equinox make both my wedding rings and my bridesmaid's jewelry. And while I'm excited I'm exhausted. I still have my shirt to make for the reception, all of my flower arrangements, carrot cake cupcakes, the list goes on and on. Luckily I have lots of help. Especially Janyce- without her it seems nothing would run. More photos to come - Christina

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  1. It sounds beautiful Christina, have a lovely weekend!